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Media Indra Buana was established in 1994, as an outdoor advertising company, PT. Media Indra Buana (MIB) strives to preserve its reputation as the pioneer in the development of outdoor media industry in Indonesia. From the beginning we have determined to become the front-runner in this field, as well as to become the preferred business partner through our expertise and integrity.


With perseverance, professionalism, and a strong commitment to satisfy our clients’ needs, we have managed to establish our own path that leads to our goal. In time, MIB has acquired qualifications that characterize its identity. These characteristics are summarized in our vision and mission statements, and are represented in our logo that was created in 2004.


Our RED AND WHITE logo represents the soul of MIB, one that takes us on our exhilarating journey until today and into the future. The RED in our logo symbolizes a power that enhances and stimulates enthusiasm, energy, actions, and confidence. It also means protection against fear and anxiety, and demonstrates the beauty as described in the common interpretation of red. It symbolizes the “privileged treatment” we provide our clients, similar to that of “red carpet treatment.” The attractiveness of this strong color highlights the warmth of our synergistic partnership with our clients.

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Pesona Monas
Hotel Indonesia Water Fountain
As an outdoor-media company, we believe in the enrichment of our community.

This is done by utilizing outdoor advertising media as supporting elements in preserving a city’s aesthetical or historical values, and its natural beauty.

For this reason we are proud to be the sponsor of the Pesona Monas Water Fountain and the Welcome Statue rejuvenation project--better known as the Hotel Indonesia Circle—on Jalan M.H. Thamrin, Jakarta.

Board of Directors

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Daniel Koenhardi Winata


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President Director

Logo mib 3d 80cm.png

Sofie S. Wulandari


More About Us

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Step into our world and discover a nationwide family united by passion and imagination.

If you’re curious, brave, and ready to leap into a career like no other, we’re ready to open our doors to you.

Successful Work Team

"Many ideas grow better when transplanted into another mind than the one where they sprang up."

– Oliver Wendell Holmes 

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The attempt to influence the buying behavior of customers or clients with a persuasive selling message about products and/or services

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