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Ariana Grande Spotted at MIB LED Screen in Jakarta!

Excitement filled the air in Jakarta as global pop sensation Ariana Grande made a surprise appearance on the bustling streets of Bundaran HI. Fans and passersby were treated to a sneak peek of her latest music video, "The Boy is Mine," courtesy of MIB's impressive LED display.

Ariana herself shared a thrilling moment on her IG and TikTok, capturing the vibrant promo flashing across the MIB screen. Universal Music Indonesia collaborated with MIB to showcase the queen of pop's newest release music video.

Dreaming of promoting your art or music video like Ariana? Look no further! Let MIB be your partner in leveraging cutting-edge LED technology for maximum impact.

Let MIB turn your vision into a dazzling reality on Jakarta's most iconic LED screens.


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