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Fun Facts About OOH Advertising: Discover Fascinating Insights

1. Billboard Advertisements that Broke World Records

Did you know that a world record was shattered for the most brands featured on a single billboard? This remarkable feat took place in the UAE in March 2018 and later highlighted various logos in November 2018 to champion intellectual property rights.

2. Billboards at Times Square Visible from Space

In 2008, the Expedition 16 crew captured images of Manhattan from the International Space Station, revealing that the brilliance of Times Square's lights makes it easily identifiable from space. Experience this cosmic view with a bright space-facing Earth photo.

3. Billboard Trends Across Different Asian Cities

Explore the diverse cultures reflected in billboard and out-of-home advertising trends across various Asian cities. Witness the vibrancy with an LED screen snapshot from Times Square.

4. The Most Expensive Billboard in the World

In 2014, the world witnessed the unveiling of the most expensive billboard, costing $100,000 per day. Situated in Times Square, New York City, this extravagant display was orchestrated by the Universal Everything studio. Get a glimpse of opulence with an LED screen showcasing Universal Studio's creativity.


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