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Unveiling the Prime Roadside Network: Where Brands Thrive

1. Bundaran HI - Jakarta's Heartbeat

Nestled in the heart of Jakarta, Indonesia, Bundaran HI stands tall as a city icon and a beacon for diverse groups of people. This bustling location is more than just a roundabout; it's a vibrant hub accessible to various demographics. As a prime spot within our roadside network, Bundaran HI ensures that your brand message reaches a broad spectrum of individuals, making it an invaluable asset in the world of outdoor advertising.

2. Plaza Barat, GBK - A Hub of Activity

Imagine your brand at the center of the action – Plaza Barat at Gelora Bung Karno (GBK) provides just that. This strategic location places your message in close proximity to a myriad of activities, from thrilling sports events to electrifying concerts. As a part of our roadside network, Plaza Barat guarantees that your brand is not just seen but actively engages with the dynamic energy of the surroundings.

3. Tugu Tani - Where Events Unfold

Tugu Tani emerges as a prime location within our roadside network, strategically positioned to align with various activities, including sports events and concerts. Here, your brand becomes a seamless part of the vibrant tapestry of events, ensuring maximum exposure and resonance with an audience eager for dynamic experiences.

4. Senayan City - Gateway to South Jakarta's Shopper's Paradise

For brands seeking proximity to a renowned shopping center, Senayan City is the epitome of accessibility. Nestled near this celebrated shopping destination in South Jakarta, our roadside network ensures that your brand is in the spotlight, capturing the attention of a diverse audience as they navigate the bustling surroundings.


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